Municipality of Abasan Al-Kabira Participatory Spatial Planning Support Programme” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Wednesday 24 January، 2018

The partnership between UN-HABITAT and the Palestinian Housing Council (PHC) has been strongly consolidated by their joint engagement in post-conflict activities started in the 2014. In this project, the team’s work started to update the master plans of 5 municipalities with specific planning of 10 of their districts. Local communities have been heavily involved in the process with thoughtful consultation with Ministry of Local Government, municipal staff and other stakeholders. The team has developed a comprehensive business method and urban design guidelines to finalize the plans depending on local and international standards appropriate to the Palestinian built environment in the Gaza Strip. Municipality of Abasan Al-Kabira was one of the five municipalities that has benefited from this project. The program aimed at broadbased capacity development that combined different components: good local governance, strategic projects, and spatial analyses of towns to update the master plans and conduct detailed planning for two of its neighborhoods.

The Physical Planning is to serve as a directive for define community needs, landuse and public facilities locations, utility systems, circulation, parking, green spaces and building/landscape guidelines. The Master Plan establishes a basis for coordinating cost effective physical development decisions to improve the built environment quality of life, simplify and enhance the urban area organization, establish a positive unified neighborhood identity, improve operational efficiency and identify flexible strategies for accommodating growth.