At the invitation of the Hague Academy of Local Government in the Netherlands, the mayor of Abasan Al-Kabira participates in a Shiraka program

Saturday 6 July، 2019

The Mayor of Abasan Al-Kabira, Mahmoud Abu Draz participated in a shiraka program in The Hague, the Netherlands, at the invitation of the Hague Academy of Local Government and in cooperation with the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

Shiraka programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Shiraka is a Dutch bilateral effort dedicated to contributing to political development in the MENA region. Through this Shiraka training programme, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to stimulate and support sustainable transition in the MENA region and to strengthen relations between the Netherlands and the target countries. The programme convenes participants to improve bilateral relations and support sustainable democratic transitions in the MENA-region.

Shiraka includes a training programme from which The Hague Academy develops and leads trainings in three core areas. These training courses are designed for senior public officials and contribute to regional development by combining theory, practice, and site visits.

This program helps municipalities in the Arab region manage and solve a wide range of problems such as water and sanitation, unemployment, social development, solid waste and others.

It is worth mentioning that a number of municipalities participate in this program from Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Sudan.

The Municipality of Abasan is the only Palestinian municipality participated in this program.