Focus Group meeting for preparation of SDIP 2018-2021

الثلاثاء 9 يناير، 2018

Focus Group Meeting of  for discussion of  preparation of Strategic Development and Investment Planning (SDIP) 2018-2021


Strategic Development and Investment Planning (SDIP) as practiced within the Palestinian territories according to the Policy Note and SDIP Procedure Manual is a localized strategic planning approach that allows for identifying local development objectives and their responsive priority projects and programs building upon the aspirations and needs of the community, available resources and capacities, as well as potential opportunities and challenges.

Accordingly, the participation of the local community representatives in the planning process, monitoring and evaluation is essential as it constitutes a crucial part of planning methodology. Participation is also important to give the SDIP plan legitimacy as being agreed upon by the LGU and the various local community sector representatives.

In regard to the MoLG role in the strategic development planning process at the local level and the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its plans, its main role is represented in supervising and directing the planning processes, providing technical support and coordinating with the concerned ministries in that regard. Moreover, the MoLG checks the process reflection on the LGU development budget and assist it, as much as possible, to obtain funds for its projects and follow up its evaluation and annual updating as well.